The Ultimate Water Exercise Experience: TruSwim® Series Propulsion Swim Spas of Mountain Mist Spas

Are you tired of having to drive to the local pool or gym just to get in a good workout? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to relieve joint pain through warm water exercise? Look no further than the TruSwim® Series Propulsion Swim Spas, which provide an unmatched water exercise experience that’s revolutionizing the market.

What is TruSwim® Series?

The TruSwim® Series is a line of swim spas that feature a unique propulsion system, providing a continuous current that allows users to swim in place and get a full-body workout. These swim spas are available in four models, each with its own size and features. With a TruSwim® swim spa, you can enjoy the benefits of water exercise and relaxation in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

TSX15: Space-conscious form

The TSX15 is the smallest model in the TruSwim® Series, measuring 180″ x 92″ x 56″. Despite its space-conscious form, this model still offers the same advantages of water exercise and relaxation as larger models. The TSX15 provides 114″ of open workout space, thanks to its side entry step design, ensuring you have enough room to get in a good swim workout.

TSX17: The most popular model

The TSX17 is the most popular model in the TruSwim® Series, measuring 204″ x 92″ x 56″. With 124″ of barrier-free surface, this 17-foot-long swim spa is ideal for both exercise and relaxation. Its unsurpassed looks and performance make it a favorite for those who want to get in a good workout or just unwind after a long day.

TSX19: Countless opportunities for fun and fitness

The TSX19 measures 227″ x 92″ x 56″ and offers countless opportunities for fun and fitness. With 148″ of the fitness area, you can train, work out, or simply stretch out while enjoying all the advantages of a swim spa. This model is perfect for those who want to take their water exercise routine to the next level.

TSX219: Dual zone hot tub and swim spa

The TSX219 is the ultimate swim spa and hot tub combination. Measuring 227″ x 92″ x 56″, this model offers a deep, comfortable 5-seat hot tub and a full-feature 14′ swim spa. You can operate both zones separately or together, depending on your lifestyle. With the TSX219, you can enjoy the benefits of warm water exercise and relaxation all in one convenient location.

Mountain Mist Spas TruSwim® Series

TruSwim® Series Propulsion Swim Spas are an excellent option for individuals of all ages and fitness levels seeking an unparalleled water exercise experience. These swim spas are equipped with a unique propulsion system, are built to last, and are energy efficient, making them an ideal solution for anyone seeking a cost-effective, high-quality water workout year-round, all from the privacy and convenience of their home.
Our swim spas are designed to meet your specific needs and lifestyle. Select the model that best fits your preferences and get ready to experience the Ultimate Water Exercise Experience. For more information, please contact us at 970-484-7076 or visit our website at

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