TruSwim® Series Propulsion Swim Spas

Our unique propulsion system in the swim spas from the TruSwim® Series is revolutionizing the market and provides an unmatched water exercise experience. TruSwim® swim spas provide the most efficient workout in the shortest period of time, whether the user is an athlete in training or a joint pain patient looking for relief through warm water exercise. Select one of the four TruSwim® models that best fits your needs and way of life for year-round, high-quality water workouts at an affordable price in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Click the video link to learn more.
180″ x 92″ x 56″
The advantages of water exercises and relaxation are the same as larger models in this space-conscious form that is a generous 15 feet long. 114″ of open workout space are ensured by the side entry step design.
204″ x 92″ x 56″
The TSX17 model, which is 17 feet long and ideal for both exercise and relaxation, is our most popular. With a 124″ barrier-free surface for any type of water training regimen, it has unsurpassed looks and performance.
227″ x 92″ x 56″
In the 19-foot TSX19, there are countless opportunities for fun and fitness. With 148″ of fitness area, you can train, work out, or simply stretch out while enjoying all the advantages of a swim spa.
227″ x 92″ x 56″
This model features a swim spa and a hot tub in one! The TSX219 dual zone offers a deep, comfortable 5 seat hot tub and a full feature 14′ swim spa. Operate both zones or operate both separately depending on your lifestyle.