Premier Spa Dealer

Spa Repairs

Since 1983 we have provided service and repairs for thousands of customers across the Front Range. We maintain one of the largest parts and service departments in Northern Colorado and have the expertise to service most major brands. For repairs quotes or questions fill out a contact form or give us a call at 970.484.7076.

Spa Moves

Not only do we provide free delivery for all new spa purchases, we also provide moving, disposal, and storage services for your spa. We provide you with flat rates that are agreed upon ahead of time to avoid any surprises during the process. Whether your spa is on a pad, deck, in a deck, or even inside the home, our expert team can assist with whatever you need. Feel free to fill out the form below or simply give us a call and we’ll get your move on our schedule as soon as possible!


From those tiny parts like screws, O-rings, and switches, to the major components such as heaters, pumps, and piping, we have what you need. Our parts counter is ran by trained industry professionals who are here to help Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. And don’t forget, if you’re not a maintenance tech yourself, we have plenty of staff that provide any repair or installation service you may need.


We recommend you drain and clean your spa every 4 months! We would advise you to use the spa cleaning agent that is available at our store to fully clean out your spa before water changes. We only provide the best products to ensure that your spa is well maintained and stays in the best shape! The use of this product will clean out any deposits or build up in the lines, pumps, and motors before refilling the spa with new fresh water. We want your spa to last you a lifetime, draining your spa and cleaning it will ensure that the interior components will last as well as the spa itself! We offer a drain and clean service, if you would rather not do it on your own. We are here for you! Give us a call and we would be happy to get it set up!

Concierge Service

Our Concierge Service is Northern Colorado’s premiere hot tub water care and cleaning service. We take care of all your water care needs so you can relax. Properly maintaining your hot tub will protect the health and safety of your loved ones and prevent unexpected costly repairs. There are several different water care plans to choose from that will fit all lifestyles. This will ensure your hot tub is ready to enjoy at all times. Ask about a quote today.