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Common Hot Tub Questions

See some common questions and answers below, or call us at 970-484-7076

We know that you have a lot of options when choosing where to purchase your spa from. We are different from the rest! From the moment that you walk into our store, you will be greeted by a highly experienced specialist that can help you choose the perfect spa for your lifestyle. There are no sales tactics, no pushy salespeople, just an exceptional customer service team that puts your needs first.

We are a factory-direct store, which means you will be getting the absolute best prices possible and priority service. Not many stores can say this and back it up! We can because we have a family relationship with the largest hot tub manufacturer in the United States. We have the biggest showroom in the Northern Colorado area and we go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied. There is no beating our delivery time, prices, or customer service.

Since 1983, we have been family-owned and treat our customers as part of our family! Come check us out to learn more about our culture, the buying process, and everything spas!

It depends on your usage! People often worry about hot tub upkeep. Cross that off your list! We offer these services, so you can maximize your relaxation time!

If you are more of a DYI type of person, you should consult us first and we can guide you based on your usage. As a rule of thumb, every four months would be suggested.

It is suggested that you should test your spa water with test trips once a week and add chemicals accordingly. We offer FREE chemical testing at our store at any time! We are here to help.

Choosing the right size hot tub is so important! Do you want a hot tub to fit your entertainment lifestyle or a spa exclusively for you and your significant other? Whatever your requirements are, we will be sure to have it! We have the largest selection in Colorado and we are confident that you will find the perfect hot tub to fit your lifestyle.

Living room. Just kidding!

The perfect spot for your hot tub will depend on your home, landscaping, layout, and personal taste. Our clients usually put their hot tubs on a concrete slab, deck, patio, rooftop, entertainment area, or under a gazebo!

It depends on your age, health, water temperature, and personal preference. We would suggest that you soak anywhere from 15-45 minutes at 102 degrees. This will provide the ultimate relaxation per day and boost health benefits.

Only with our cutting-edge RMAX insulation, the cost on average is one dollar a day in electricity. One dollar a day to feel refreshed, renewed, and healthy! RMAX insulation makes owning a spa and having efficient electrical bills possible.

There are so many benefits of owning your own hot tub. You don’t have to wait to go on vacation to spend quality time in a hot tub and clear your mind! It can be in the comfort of your own home. Owning a hot tub can extend family time, your sleep can drastically improve, it is great stress relief, and there are many health benefits. Check out the list of health benefits on our home page!