Synergy™ Series Jetted Swim Spas

With a personal swim spa, you can elevate the convenience of swimming at home to whole new heights. The PDC Spas® Synergy SeriesTM swim spas combine the year-round aquatic exercise advantages with the opulent pleasure of a hot tub. All SynergyTM Series models feature supportive body-contoured seating, strong hydrotherapy water jets, and a sizable exercise area with a cutting-edge, completely adjustable resistance current for the best possible water fitness. Click the video link to learn more.

180″ X 92″ X 56″

Its space-saving 15 foot FX15 swim spa type with 36 massaging hydrotherapy jets is unmatched in terms of appearance and performance.
180″ x 92″ x 56″
The FX15s’ side entry step design ensures a full 130″ of open workout space in this 15-foot long swim spa with consideration for space.
204″ x 92″ x 56″
The well-known 17-foot-long FX17 model is the pinnacle of relaxation and fitness thanks to its 36 massage jets, two RX6TM stand-up hydrotherapy columns, and strong Elite ProTM jets.
227″ x 92″ x 56″
In this enormous 19-foot FX19 swim spa, you may run, jog, lift weights, and swim. The barrier-free 160″ of workout space is ideal for running, jogging, swimming, or just floating around for the day.
227″ x 92″ x 56″
With this design, you get a hot tub and swim spa all in one! The FX219 dual zone features a deep, cozy five-person hot tub with 65 massage jets and a fully equipped 14-foot swim spa.
227″ x 92″ x 56″
The side step design provides a full 118″ of workout space in the 19′ dual zone FX219s increases fitness possibilities. Hydrotherapy for the entire body with two RX6TM stand-up columns and six strong resistance jets.