Swim Spa Model / TSX17



204” x 92” x 56” deep, 124” fitness area

Design Features

Wide, curved entry steps, deep recliners and massage seats, a barrier-free, open training area, and a proprietary twin prop propulsion fitness stream provide the largest, smoothest, most balanced workout in the business.

Therapy Jets

For hydrotherapy of the shoulders, upper and lower backs, and calves, there are 18 stainless Reflections JetsTM.

Swim Spa Power

Fitness: Dual prop propulsion system, 5000 GPM
Therapy: 4HP, single pump
5.5KW heater, 50 amps


2420 Gallons, 9160 Liters

Weight (lbs.)

2045 Dry, 21405 Wet


Silver Marble acrylic shell, Smoke Gray or Willow Brown cabinet


35 structure/15 finish/5 component/3 labor

Anybody looking to lead a better lifestyle can benefit greatly from this widely used 17′ TruSwim® model.
A unique aquatic fitness stream with balance, width, and resistance is provided by the patented twin prop technology for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and everyone looking to live better lives.

“TruSwim® is designed to ensure that anyone using the therapeutic seats is not exposed to the exercise current, allowing for a relaxing experience.”

PT, DPT, CSCS Dr. Richard McAvoy