Vitality™ Series Fitness Spas

For individuals who are concerned about their waistlines and wallets, three different types of recently announced fitness series spas offer all the advantages of water exercise. Elite ProTM Jet provides variable resistance for walking, jogging, running, lifting weights, and taking advantage of our AquaForceTM pulley trainer. A year-round option is to simply unwind in the warm, whirling water with family and friends.
144” x 92” x 56”
Maximum use of the 94″ workout space in a small 12′ length is guaranteed by a safe side entry step. 18 hydrotherapy jets and two RX6TM massage columns round out this well-liked fitness spa.
180” x 92” x 56”
The SL15s is a full 15′ long and has a roomy 130″ for water exercise programs. Elite ProTM Jets provide sufficient resistance for health and wellness in a way that only a high-end fitness spa can.
180” x 92” x 56”
With this 15′ fitness spa model, water resistance that is forceful, adjustable, and fun makes aquatic fitness goals possible. For entire body wellbeing, the spacious workout lane and the curved massage chairs will calm you from head to toe.