Swim Spa Model / TSX219



227” x 92” x 56” deep, 102” fitness area

Design Features

Fitness zone has open, barrier-free fitness area, side access steps with curved massage seat, and innovative twin prop propulsion. Five deep seats and a full feature hot tub are available. Separate zones with controls for the filtration, heating, treatment, and exercise. Dual prop propulsion fitness stream with the broadest, smoothest, and most balanced workout in the business; patent pending.

Therapy Jets

37 stainless Steel Jets for hydrotherapy in the shoulders, upper and lower back, and calves.

Dual Zone Power

Fitness Zone: Dual prop propulsion system, 5000 GPM, 5.5KW heater, 50 amps
Hot Tub Zone: 12HP, 3 pumps, 5.5KW heater, 50 amps


2525 gallons (hot tub zone: 425 Gallons Fitness Zone: 2100 Gallons)

Weight (lbs.)

2735 dry/22935 wet


Silver Marble acrylic shell, Smoke Gray or Willow Brown cabinet


35 structure/15 finish/5 component/3 labor
The dual zone TSX219 is the pinnacle of warm water relaxation and aquatic exercise. The 5-seat hot tub and 102″ of workout area provide enough room for the entire family in any season or configuration. You can experience both zones simultaneously or separately depending on what suits your lifestyle the best. Fitness in the summer, a hot tub in the winter, or both constantly! The TSX219 is the answer to backyard entertainment and a better way of living.