What is the Biggest Hot Tub We Offer?

A large hot tub in an open room

When it comes to relaxation and luxury, size can matter. For those who dream of expansive, lavish spa experiences, we have compiled a list of the five largest spas available in our diverse collections. Each one offers ample space and boasts features that transform your backyard into a haven of leisure. Here are the top five giants in our spa offerings.

Big Hot Tubs in Thornton and Fort Collins, Colorado

1. Paradise Bay – Bahama Collection (Dynasty Spas)

Dimensions: 92″ x 102″ x 39/45″

Capacity: 475 gallons

The Paradise Bay spa is the epitome of luxury and space. Part of the esteemed Bahama Collection from Dynasty Spas, this model is the largest spa we offer, with a capacity of 475 gallons. Its impressive size is complemented by many features, including 77 jets powered by robust 7.0 bhp pumps (with an option for three 6.0 bhp pumps). Its spacious design accommodates multiple people comfortably, making it perfect for large families or those who love entertaining. The adjustable jets provide a customizable hydrotherapy experience, ensuring that every user finds their perfect spot for relaxation.

2. Palm Island, Coconut Bay, Pleasure Cove, Ocean Breeze, Cabana Bay – Bahama Collection (Dynasty Spas)

Dimensions: 92″ x 92″ x 39/45″

Capacity: 425 gallons each

These five models from the Bahama Collection are tied for the second largest spas, each boasting a generous 425-gallon capacity. Their square design of 92 inches by 92 inches allows for a spacious interior for gatherings or family relaxation. Each model has unique features, with jet numbers and pump configuration variations. For example, Palm Island and Coconut Bay offer 76 and 74 jets, respectively, powered by two 7.0 bhp pumps or an alternative of three 6.0 bhp pumps. These spas are ideal for those seeking a balance of size and sophisticated spa technology.

3. Radiance Collection 8B and 8L

Dimensions: 92″ x 92″ x 36″

Capacity: 425 gallons each

The Radiance Collection introduces 8B and 8L models, which share the same generous dimensions and capacity. These spas are perfect for those who prefer a more rectangular design without compromising size. Each model offers a 425-gallon capacity, ensuring plenty of room for relaxation and entertainment. With 79 jets and dual pumps (3.0 bhp and 6.0 bhp), these spas promise a luxurious hydrotherapy experience. The difference between the two models lies in their seating configurations, providing options for different preferences.

4. Typhoon and Monsoon – Storm Series

Dimensions: 91″ x 91″ x 39″

Seating: 6-7 people

Part of the Storm Series, both Typhoon and Monsoon measure 91 inches square with a height of 39 inches. These spas cater to 6-7 people, ideal for social gatherings or large families. The Typhoon and Monsoon are equipped with 50 and 49 Blaster Jets™, respectively, powered by two 12 Amp pumps, promising a dynamic and refreshing spa experience.

5. LS 950 and LS 900 – Lone Star Series

Dimensions: 95″ x 95″ x 42″

Seating: 8 people

Completing our top five list are the LS 950 and LS 900 models from the Lone Star Series. While specific gallon capacities are not provided, their dimensions suggest a substantial volume. Both models measure 95 inches square with a height of 42 inches, making them some of the largest spas in our collection. These spas are designed to seat up to 8 people, perfect for large gatherings or families. They are equipped with 60 Blaster Jets™ and the option of two or three 12 Amp pumps, offering a powerful and relaxing hydrotherapy experience.

Final Thoughts on Our Biggest Hot Tubs

Our collection of large spas offers a variety of options to suit different tastes and needs. Whether you’re looking for a spa to host parties, enjoy family time, or simply relax in a spacious setting, our selection promises something for everyone. Each model in our top five list stands out for its size, luxury features, and capacity to deliver a superior spa experience. Embrace the ultimate relaxation and entertainment with these expansive and luxurious spa options.

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