The Benefits of Having a Protective Cover for Your Spa

If you just bought a hot tub, you’ve undoubtedly already been given the piece of advice that you should always utilize the cover. Why? There are a few compelling reasons why you should always keep the cover on your spa. When you make use of it, you’ll discover that the effectiveness of your tub improves, that filth is prevented from entering your spa, that wear and tear are reduced, and that your spa is maintained secure and safe.

Enhance the water conservation capabilities of your bathtub

The fundamental function of your spa cover is to insulate the space beneath it by preventing cold air and precipitation from penetrating the cover while simultaneously trapping warm air inside. The hot tub should be kept warm with the help of a cover, and the cover should also shield the hot tub from the elements. Keeping the cover on your hot tub at all times will help it operate more effectively, which in turn will reduce the amount of money you spend on your monthly power bill.

Avoid letting In debris like leaves, dust, and other clutter

Think about the litter and filth that has built up on your property since you started using it. Consider what would take place if all of that rubbish were to find its way into your hot tub. If you do not keep the cover on your spa, it will quickly become clogged with debris such as leaves, dirt, dust, and even tumbleweeds. Instead, make sure the lid is always on the container at all times to avoid any dust or debris falling into the water and causing the filters to become clogged. Maintain a close check on the chemical and pH levels of the water, and ensure that your filters receive a thorough cleaning if you fail to replace the lid for an extended period of time.

Prevent Potential Accidents

Because of the potential for accidents, your spa should always be kept covered. Any children or dogs who happen to be in the immediate vicinity of your hot tub run the risk of being injured or killed. Always be sure to cover your hot tub to protect young children and household pets from falling in by accident.

Cut down the exposure to UV Rays

Even if you forget and leave the lid off your hot tub for a couple of hours, the tub won’t be severely harmed by the experience. However, over time, the color of the components of your hot tub may become less vibrant due to the sun’s rays. This pertains to the walls of the tub, in addition to having a variety of fittings and headrests. If you remember to keep the cover on during the day, the inner components of your spa will be protected from the sun’s damaging rays, which could otherwise cause damage to the components.

Make sure that your tub Is safe

Investing in a cover for your bathtub that can be locked is a prudent course of action to take if you want to ensure that uninvited guests do not use it without your permission. Locking straps that are fastened with a key are typically included as standard equipment on the vast majority of tub covers sold today.

Mountain Mist Spas are the company to rely on for covers and accessories

If you have an older tub that is in need of a new cover, or if you are hunting for the ideal cover for your brand-new spa, we are here to aid you in discovering the solution that is most appropriate for your specific circumstance. If you have any concerns regarding the spas and accessories that we provide, feel free to give us a call at the number 970-484-7076 or stop by our showroom in Fort Collins, which is located at 2427 South College Avenue.

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