Methods for Blending Your Spa into the Surrounding Environment

The time has come and now is the moment. The home spa that’s been on your wish list ever since you were a little kid is finally going to be yours. Investing in a brand-new hot tub is an exciting adventure that opens up a vast array of opportunities for you to improve the configuration of your spa. After all, in contrast to the solitary toolshed in your backyard, the spa you install will become an essential component of your property. The installation of a hot tub in either your backyard or your home is a fantastic method to improve the appearance of any location. Because there is so much possibility for creativity, you might discover that you daydream about potential designs for the exterior and interior of your home. The items listed below are some accessories that can be added to your hot tub to make it appear as though it has always been a part of your landscape.

Construct Into Your Deck or Outdoor Patio Area

Others opt to “sink” their spa by lowering it into their deck or patio, becoming part of the surrounding landscape, as opposed to pouring a slab of concrete to support their new hot tub, which is a simple and less expensive option. While many people go with this option. It is possible to incorporate a hot tub into a patio by lowering the tub a few feet and bringing the perimeter of the tub up to the same level as the surface of the patio. You could also keep the spa at an elevated level on the deck, and provide convenient access to it by building a set of spiral stairs that go all the way around the deck’s perimeter. Before deciding how to incorporate your new spa into your deck or patio, take the time to carefully get accurate measurements of the spa itself, and ensure that there is sufficient space for access to the spa’s control panel and the water-change panel.

Putting up a Pergola Structure

If you want to use your spa even when the weather is less than ideal, constructing a pergola above it will make it look amazing, provide shade, and shield you from the rain to some extent. You have the ability to construct a pergola to incorporate any of the following facilities, depending on your notion of the perfect hot tub experience: Install drapes or dividers so that people visiting the spa have some measure of seclusion. You might even construct a canopy that can be used to shade the entire pergola. To make it easier to reach for clean, dry towels, install a couple of shower hooks on the support columns of the pergola. You can also cover your pergola with a sloping roof in order to keep precipitation away from the people who are using your hot tub. Installing speakers along the support columns of the hot tub is one method to boost the sense of coziness and warmth that it exudes, as is lining it with outdoor Edison lighting. The possibilities are really vast.

Seclusion Fencing

By installing a privacy fence around your hot tub, you may make the space feel cozier and more inviting to guests. Latticework and trellises can be used to obscure the view of the spa to some degree; alternatively, a tall fence can be built to completely enclose the area and provide complete privacy. Included in the mix can be vine plants that will eventually climb and drape over your privacy fence, trellises, and latticework.

Regarding the Lights

Even if the interior of your spa will be illuminated, and even though the exterior of your spa may be illuminated as well, you may want to make the environment throughout your garden more consistent by filling in the gaps with additional lighting. With the assistance of landscape lighting, you are able to draw attention to the hot tub in your backyard. Alternately, perhaps you are considering erecting a ceiling of illuminated stars over your spa. Adding lighting to the area around your hot tub will not only make it look more inviting to guests but will also make it simpler for them to make their way from your home to the spa on dark evenings.

Railings and Staircases

For the sake of convenience and security, stairs and railings should be set up near the pool. At your request, we can include a short set of stairs with your hot tub; however, you are free to make your own stairs and railings if you prefer. Build your own set of stairs to complement the wood and finish of your deck. Alternately, you might want to mount a handrail on the wall beside the stairwell so that spa-goers have something to grip as they ascend or descend. Stairs and railings are best installed after the spa has been placed for a number of reasons, including the fact that doing so simplifies the installation process and the fact that you’ll have a better idea of how high to make the spa and the stairs and railings to go with it.

Various Other Features

You might also want to consider installing a surround-sound system on your patio or deck, particularly if your spa does not already come equipped with its own built-in speakers. Towel racks or hooks that are put around the room are both great touches, as is a specific cubby that is reserved for clean guest towels. Around the perimeter of your hot tub, you can install shelves that are built-in. These shelves will provide you with convenient storage for beverages and other items (although your spa will likely have its own cup holders as well). You can include anything you want; all you need to do is use your imagination!

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