Get Professional Service with Mountain Mist Spa Factory Trained Technicians

For spa maintenance, Mountain Mist Spas have factory-trained specialists who are accessible to offer exceptional service and professional expertise for your hot tub or swim spa. Thanks to their extensive training, these specialists can assist with installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Factory Trained Technicians 

At Mountain Mist Spas, we take quality service and customer satisfaction very seriously. That’s why our technicians are factory trained and certified in all aspects of hot tubs and swim spas, giving them the necessary knowledge to ensure that customers receive impeccable service. We also value keeping our technicians up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, so we offer continual training opportunities. But most importantly, through their extensive education, our technicians can guarantee the highest levels of safety for all types of hot tub and swim spa users.

Installation Services 

At Mountain Mist Spas, we understand that installing the right spa to provide restorative relaxation is important in ensuring complete satisfaction. Our installation technicians are certified and highly skilled, guaranteeing your spa is properly set up for use according to local codes, regulations, and manufacturer specifications. Furthermore, during the installation process, our technicians conduct a comprehensive check of electrical components to ensure everything functions correctly. Finally, to maximize your experience, our technicians review proper chemical use with you so that you can enjoy healthy and balanced spa water going forward.

Maintenance Services

At Mountain Mist Spas, we understand how important it is for your spa to remain running in peak condition. Our factory-trained technicians are here to ensure that your spa is always checked and maintained according to the highest standards. During our visits, we will check all electrical components, filters, pumps, jets, and more for signs of wear or damage. We also clean the interior surfaces, adjust chemical levels accordingly, inspect the plumbing system, and check temperature settings. With regular maintenance from one of our professionals at Mountain Mist Spas, you can relax knowing that your spa is safe and efficient for years to come.

Our team at Mountain Mist Spas solely consists of factory-trained technicians since we place the highest importance on providing outstanding customer care in the hot tub and swim spa industries. Our staff can provide support for installation services as well as continuous maintenance services thanks to their significant knowledge, ensuring that your equipment is always in good hands. Our specialists are fully prepared with the knowledge and abilities needed to perform high-quality service, allowing you to unwind in your hot tub or swim spa without worrying about a thing.