Swim Spa Model / SX19



227” x 92” x 56”, 160” fitness area

Design Features

Fitness zone has two RX6TM standing massage columns, an open fitness space without barriers, full-body recliners, and sculpted massage seats.

Therapy Jets

36 stainless steel Reflections Jets for hydrotherapy. With shoulder, upper and lower back, hips, calves, and foot jets, full body massage columns, reclining and contoured seats are available.

Elite Pro™ Jets

Trio of high powered resistance swim jets

Swim Spa Power

22HP, 4 pumps, 5.5KW heater, 50 amps


2700 Gallons, 10220 Liters

Weight (lbs.)

2065 Dry, 23755 Wet


Silver Marble acrylic shell, Smoke Gray or Willow Brown cabinet


35 structure/15 finish/5 component/3 labor
With a 160 square foot open workout room, the SX19 provides the most space for unrestricted exercise, relaxation, and family enjoyment. Enjoy your favorite water sports as you start to feel healthy and have fun! After a long day, relax in a massage treatment seat or the twin RX6TM standing massage columns, go for a swim, run, or stroll against the current of resistance.