The TSX17 TruSwim Swim Spa model by PDC Spas merges advanced aquatic fitness with luxurious relaxation features in a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. The spacious 124” fitness area, patented dual prop propulsion, and 18 hydrotherapy jets for comprehensive relaxation and muscle recovery make it an excellent choice for those looking to get more out of their swim spa. This model caters to various activities, from vigorous swim training to soothing spa experiences.

Constructed with a durable silver marble acrylic shell and available in Smoke Gray or Willow Brown cabinetry, the TSX17 complements any home setting. It holds up to 2420 gallons of water, with a robust system that includes a dual propulsion capable of 5000 GPM for fitness and a 4HP pump for therapy sessions.

Additional Features

The TruSwim® Collection at a Glance

Model Dimensions Jet Count Dry Weight Wet Weight
TSX17 204” x 92” x 56” deep, 124” fitness area 18 2045 lbs 21405 lbs
TSX15 180” x 92” x 56” deep, 114” fitness area 8 1905 lbs 16015 lbs
TSX19 227” x 92” x 56” deep, 148” fitness area 18 2250 lbs 23850 lbs
TSX219 227” x 92” x 56” deep, 102” fitness area 37 2735 lbs 22935 lbs