Rhapsody by Dynasty Spas

Rhapsody by Dynasty Spas   Rhapsody by Dynasty Spas
The Rhapsody is from our Harmony Collection and offers almost every option available. It has 50 illuminated oval titanium gray and stainless steel jets and is powered with two 7 BHP pumps and an extra circulation pump. Each feature is illuminated and it also has the enhanced filtration system complete with the plasma gap ozone feature. The Infinity am/fm/cd/bluetooth/mp3 player is also a popular option.

The Rhapsody is available with the following color/finish options

Spa Shell Color & Cabinet Finish Combinations
Tuscan shell color
Tuscan(shell) with
Chestnut cabinet finish
Silver Marble shell color
Silver Marble(shell) with
Black cabinet finish
Cover Colors
Coffee cover color
Gray cover color
Rhapsody Specifications - ( also available in PDF format )
Seating Capacity 5 adults
Dimensions 92" x 92" x 39" H (2.34m x 2.34m x 0.99m H)
Water Capacity 450 gallons (1,703 liters)
Weight Dry 925 lbs. (420kg)
Weight Filled 4325 lbs. (1,964 kg.)
Lighting System Illuminated jets, roman water fountains, jewel accents, LED underwater lights
Entertainment System Infinity™ AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth/MP3 Player stereo system with remote
Hot Tub Jets 50 illuminated oval titanium gray and stainless steel jets
Stylish Design Swivel seating, sculptured footwell, louvered look, molded hand grips
Skirt Maintenance free skirting, with illuminated corner sconces
Control System Color display topside control
Heater 4000w/220v
Pumps Two 7.0 bhp jet pumps, and one circulation pump
Ozone System (optional) Plasma Ozone water purification system
Filtration Triphony Filtration System, 130 sq. ft.
Vinyl Cover Custom fit, insulated vinyl cover to match skirting, with child proof locks
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